Serious Questions

My students will often ask me some difficult questions.  Sometimes the question is silly, so they usually get a silly answer from me.  Sometimes the question is Serious, and then they get a very Serious answer from me.  Here, I will post some of those Serious questions from my students, and the Serious answers from me.

I would LOVE to hear more of your Serious Questions.

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#1: Why Don’t Turtles Run? (From Kelly!)

#2: Why Do Some Rabbits Have Red Eyes? (From Rabbit… of course!)

#3: What is Time? (From Jasson!)

#4: How Can Frogs Live in Water and on Land? (From Jessy!)

#5: How do Butterflies Fly? (From Jenny!)

#6: Why do People Need to Sleep? (From Coco!)

#7: Why Are There So Many Stars? (From Jenny, again!)

#8: How Hot is Lava?  Hotter than the Sun? (From Ethan!)

#9: Why did America Have a Civil War? (From Jay!)

#10: Why is Mars Red? (From Tom!)

#11: Why is the Earth Green and Blue? (From Lucy!)

#12: How Did People Make Books? (From George!)

#13: Why Do Trees Lose Leaves in the Winter? (From Mikey!)