Why Do People Need to Sleep?

I guess Coco wasn’t sleeping in class, because she gave me a great Serious Question to work on!  So let’s see what happens when we sleep…

Maybe you think your body and brain just turn off and do nothing when you sleep, but really, your body and brain and both very busy at night!  Starting with the body, it needs time to fix and heal itself.  Sleeping is a perfect time, because your body isn’t moving around the world anymore.  It’s just sitting in one place, so it can do some work.  This is also a good time for your bones and muscles to grow.  Kids your age are growing very fast, so kids in school need 9 to 11 hours of sleep every night.

ready for a nap

At night, your brain is even more busy than your body!  When you’re sleeping, your brain will think about your day, and remember important things.  It will put these important things into your memory so you know them later.  Your brain is busy thinking in the day time.  That’s why your brain does this work at night.  This means that if you have a big test coming, you should get a good night’s sleep, because it can help you remember things for the test!

sleeping kid math test

What about dreams?  Well, that’s a very difficult question, because nobody really knows.  Dreams could maybe be a time when your brain is remembering things to keep them fresh.  Keep it fresh means to keep it new, or not get old.

Everyone needs sleep too.  Children, parents, doctors, teachers, farmers… and animals too!

koala sleeping 20 hours


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