American Coins Homework – 5/21/16

In class this week, (May 21, 2016) we learned all about MONEY.  This is the homework about money.   After the homework, there is a short review about the 4 American coins from class.  In the Homework PDF, there are pictures of all 4 of the coins.

American Coins Homework

A penny is an American coin.  It is our money with the smallest value.  There are 100 pennies in one dollar ($1).  We say it is worth “1 cent”.  Sometimes you will see .  A new penny is very shiny, but an old penny becomes brown.  It is pretty small. The edge is smooth.  There is a building on the back, and a man on the front.

A nickel the next American coin.  It is worth 5 cents (), so there are 20 nickels in one dollar ($1).  It is thicker and fatter than a penny, and it’s not brown, it looks silver.  The edge is smooth too, like the penny.  There is a man on the front and a building on the back.

The next coin is the smallest.  It is also very thin.  It is called a dime.  There are ten dimes in one dollar ($1).  How much is one dime worth?  10 cents (10¢).  The edge is not smooth, it is bumpy.  These bumps are called “ridges”.  There is a man on the front and a tree, a torch, and a plant on the back.

The biggest coin is called a quarter.  It is worth 25 cents (25¢) and there are 4 quarters in 1 dollar ($1).  The edge has ridges, just like the dime.  There is a man on the front and there can be many things on the back.  Most quarters have an eagle on the back.


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